Solar Seasonal Performance In Chicago, IL

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If you own a home in Chicago, you know how unpredictable the seasons can be. Chicago is known for its mild summers and bitterly cold winters. So if you’re looking into year-round solar energy solutions, you may be questioning how solar power could work in the dead of winter, when cloud cover is common, or if the spring and summer provide enough sunlight. Luckily, as your local solar energy experts, we can confirm that solar power can work for you in the Windy City. Let’s talk over what you can expect from your solar system over the course of a year in Chicago.

How Solar Will Work In An IL Spring & Summer

Let’s say you get your solar system installed in early spring. In Illinois, spring is generally cool and rainy, but don’t worry. Solar panels can generate solar energy even when cloudy, which means cloud cover won’t prevent your home from having power. You may have to fall back onto grid power on days when the solar panels can’t produce enough energy but your solar energy system will remain productive. So by the time summer rolls around, you’ll be well-versed in how to use your solar panels, just in time for the extended sunlight hours. 

Summer will provide plenty of sunlight for your solar panels to produce power. Contrary to popular belief, heat is not needed to create solar energy — sunlight is! In fact, excessive heat can limit the efficiency of creating solar power, as heat excites electrons and limits the electric current that can be produced. Sunny, cool days are optimal for maximum solar panel output, which makes Chicago’s late springs and early autumns perfect solar panel seasons.

Chicago Autumn & Winter With Solar Power

As we discussed earlier, solar panels can still gather sunlight even through cloud cover. Early autumn is very pleasant in Chicago, so your solar panels will be in their stride with the long hours of daylight and cooler weather. However, as daylight savings time kicks in and that famous Midwest winter takes effect, you may be concerned about how your solar panels will be able to power your home. Remember, your home uses the solar energy your home produces first, which means the grid is used on an as-needed basis. This means you can still look forward to potentially lower electric bills even in December and January

Year-Round Solar Power Is Waiting

Your local Chicago-based Pink Energy team is tapped into the community, so we’ve got the answers to your questions and concerns you may have about the efficacy of year-round solar power. Our expert solar representatives can help you get the most out of a residential solar power system, so contact us today to get started!