How Solar Works During Chicago Winters

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Let’s face it: Winter can be brutal in the Midwest. From the cloudy, dark days with shortened hours of sunlight and frigid temperatures, it can be tough for anyone who isn’t used to dealing with winter weather. But if you own a home in the Chicago area, you’re likely more than familiar with that. So if you’re interested in going solar, the idea of getting enough sunlight during those winter months may seem like it’s out of the question. However, we’re happy to inform you that this isn’t the case. Here’s what you can expect when using a solar energy system during a typical Chicago winter.

Cloud Cover Can’t Stop Solar

Did you know you can get sunburned on a cloudy day? That’s because sunlight penetrates through cloud cover. So even if it’s not as concentrated as direct sunlight would be, sunlight still makes it to the ground on cloudy days. Because of this, solar panels can still gather energy from the sun and turn it into electricity even on dreary December days. You may need to rely more on grid power or a battery backup than in July when there are many more hours of sunlight available, but solar power will still work as long as the sun is out. 

Investing in a battery backup is a great option for winter days. When solar panels aren’t producing as much electricity, you can rely on the battery backup to power portions of your home. The backup itself stores excess unused energy produced by solar panels, so it’s one way to potentially lower your electric bills. 

Snow & Solar Power

While you can use a shovel to dig out your driveway, if a blizzard leaves snow on your roof, you shouldn’t search for tools to remove it. Our monocrystalline solar panels are covered with a protective sheet of glass so the finer workings inside will be just fine underneath the snow. Let the sunshine do its job in melting snow off the panels. You’ll want to avoid scraping the surface of the panels, as that could damage them and affect your warranty. 

Go Solar No Matter The Time Of Year

At Pink Energy, we’re familiar with how to handle tough winter conditions by investing in renewable, clean solar energy through our many years of industry experience. If a residential solar energy system sounds right for you, contact our local, Chicago-based team today.