How Does Solar Energy Help the Environment In Illinois?

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Solar energy is one of the leading renewable energy sources in the world. It provides a clean alternative to the fossil fuel methods that pump pollutants into the atmosphere, creating a massive carbon footprint. Adding solar is an environmentally friendly way to reduce air and water pollutants while powering your home. Let’s learn more about how solar energy can help the environment around your Illinois home.

What It Means To Be Renewable

Solar energy is a renewable energy source, meaning, unlike fossil fuels, it cannot run out. The world can continuously use solar energy day after day, due to the sun reliably shining over us. After all, even on cloudy days, the sun is still shining! Renewable energy sources are constantly replenished naturally, meaning no damage is done to the environment, and these sources can be used indefinitely.

Why Going Solar Is Important

Adding solar panels is not only a great way to potentially save money, but a great way to help the environment as well. By owning your power and relying less on the grid, you could potentially spend less on your electric bill while still reducing your carbon footprint

Solar Energy In Illinois

Illinois is the most populous Midwestern state, and as such, is the fifth largest energy consumer in the nation. Because such a large amount of electricity is required in the state, the energy sources used to create it leave a giant carbon footprint. Illinois relies mainly on nuclear and coal power, leaving lots of room for improvement in the renewable energy department. Currently, 11% of the energy produced in Illinois is from renewable sources, mainly wind power. Since wind is already a solid piece of Illinois’ energy production, if solar energy was used, the carbon footprint could decrease significantly. 

With that in mind, you may be wondering if Illinois is suitable for solar panels. The answer is yes! Despite the cloudy weather and snow-filled winters, Illinois is a great location for solar panels. Solar panels could work well for your home no matter where you live. Illinois homeowners interested in adding solar should contact their local Pink Energy provider to see if solar panels are a good fit for their home.